Included with your new bike…

Every new bike purchased from Rufus Cycles is expertly assembled in our store and comes with a full year of complimentary maintenance checks and adjustments. This includes bolt checks, brake and gear adjustments, and lubrication ($48.88 value every time you bring your bike in!). This service is designed to keep your bike in tip-top shape as well as offer you the opportunity to learn the best maintenance practices applied to your bike.

Refurbished bikes include one service within the first 6 months of purchase.

Service Menu

Tune-up 1 – Complete tune up, lube, and adjustment of your bike. Includes minor cleaning and a basic fit check upon pick up. $78.88

Tune-up 2 – Complete tune-up, lube, and adjustment of your bike. Includes major cleaning, component replacement, and a basic fit check upon pick up. $108.88

Check Over – Complete bolt check, brake and gear adjustments, and lubrication. $48.88

New Bike Assembly– Professional assembly for new bikes purchased elsewhere.
Bicycle $75.00
E-Bike $105.00

A La Carte Services

Flat Repair
Bicycle, Front/Rear $10/$15
E-Bike (hub drive) $25

Individual Component Adjustment or Installation $5 – $30
Hydraulic Brake Bleed, One/Both $25/$45
Wheel True & Spoke Replacement $15 – $30
Wheel Build $70
Suspension Fork Seal & Oil Change $70
Rear Shock Air Sleeve Seal Change $45

Electrical Services

Rufus Cycles offers complete e-bike services from conversions to troubleshooting, and battery testing and replacement.
E-Bike Conversion – Includes consultation, installation, and complete tune-up. $375.00

Labor Rates

Mechanical $75/Hour
Electrical $105/Hour